VELUX SunCurve curb mounted flashing

Commercial SUN TUNNEL skylight

VELUX SunCurve curb mounted flashing

The VELUX SunCurve is perfect for commercial applications, as it optimizes the daylight throughout the day. It’s designed to capture sunrays that would normally pass through the dome and instead directs them down the tunnel. It’s perfect for all times of the day, too as it captures low-angle morning and afternoon sunlight and curves it down the tunnel, while in the middle of the day, it manages the intense, direct mid-day sun so that the space below is bright and comfortable without glare.

The curb mounted flashing model TCC features a low profile curb mount flashing for a pleasant exterior appearance. Made for applications where the roof pitch is 0°- 60°, the upper collar is 16” and also utilizes the Flexi Loc™ tunnel system allowing for optimal daylight in the space below

The VELUX SunCurve comes standard on every 22” commercial SUN TUNNEL skylight.

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