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The Skylight Company specializes in making your life lighter and brighter with new VELUX skylights. With a smooth and hassle-free installation process, you can start enjoying your new slice of the sky.

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  1. Certified VELUX 5-Star Installer

    We specialize in VELUX products and have achieved our company's highest standard of certification as an independent installer of VELUX products. We have the ability and desire to assist you with all of your VELUX skylight product needs.
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The Skylight Company
Installer ratings and reviews

  • Theodore Dyke

    The plot thickens. Having paid them and signed a contract for installation of a WASCO skylight (which comes with a warranty they will not honor) - the original skylight failed after three years and they refused to honor the warranty. I wrote a critical review. After a week I receive an email basically stating (if you read between the lines) they intend to dishonor the contract unless I apologize to the estimator. Legally, hurt feelings (puddy, wuddy, woo defense) are not a valid criteria for cancellation, so I have an action prepared for District Court to force the contract if they try this. Never try to take advantage of a knowledgeable consumer. It's worth noting that the Skylight Company looks like an owned subsidiary of the Roofing Company but thy are careful to conceal the relationship.
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  • Gary Deagle

    I had a great experience. The Skylight Company responded quick and got everything scheduled even faster than I was hoping for. It was nice working with a responsive company and the skylights look great!
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  • Bill Wright

    The Roofing Company did what they came to do. They called before hand and came on time, replaced our broken skylight and removed all of the trash. Very professional. I would recommend them for other roofing projects as well.
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  • Teri L

    Kevin Saunders did an amazing job with the install. We are so happy with our great new Velux sun tunnels!!
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