From adding solar-fueled efficiency to brightening everyday outlooks, see how homes in your area have been transformed with natural daylight and fresh air from above.

Room Projects


VELUX® skylights keep the heart of the home happy, beautiful and well-ventilated. Bring in balanced, natural daylight without eating up your cabinet space and clear out cooking odors with "Fresh Air" skylights.


VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights bring in beautiful natural light and release moisture accumulation without compromising your privacy. And with no electricity requirements, it beats any fan.


Wake up to plentiful sunshine or drift off in total darkness. Pairing skylights such as the VELUX Electric “Fresh Air” Skylight with blinds allows you to the light in your bedroom without sacrificing privacy.

Home Office

Make your home office work harder with VELUX Sun Tunnels. Letting daylight in ensures that your mind and body stays perfectly in sync with the natural rhythm of the day.

Hallway & Stairway

Just because they are in the center of the home doesn’t mean hallways and stairways don’t need natural light. Choose VELUX Solar Powered “Fresh Air” No-Leak Skylights to let in natural daylight and fresh air from above.

Living Room

VELUX skylights with blinds allow full control over the light in your living room, from sunny gatherings to cozy dimness on family movie night. Controlling the light as needed also helps control the electricity bill.

Bonus Room

Transform a dim bonus room into an inviting home office or inspired children’s playroom with VELUX roof windows or manual “Fresh Air” skylights for added daylight that helps to define and enhance any space.


Natural light is beneficial in even the smallest rooms of your house. VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights funnel daylight through a reflective tunnel to illuminate your closet, so everything you need is within sight.


Incorporating VELUX skylights into your screened-in porch, sunroom or four-season room will not only transform your outdoor spaces but will also allow interior rooms to borrow much-needed additional light.

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