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  • Christopher Sprague

    I hired Southern Maine Skylight in September 2018 to replace two aging skylights in the master bedroom. Everything went well initially - from the consult to the installation, which was done in a very timely manner. However, in the spring of 2019, I noticed that the rain sensors didn't appear to be working at all. At first I figured that perhaps they weren't sensitive enough to close in light rain, but eventually they were subjected to some real downpours during thunderstorms while I was home, and a lot of water was getting inside, some on some bedside electronics - definitely not intended behavior. A broken or misaligned rain sensor is probably an easy fix, but several messages left starting near the end of the month of May through mid July went unacknowledged. An earlier version of this review prompted a response, and Travis took full responsibility for dropping the ball. He did say that he thought an earlier internal email about it was CC'd to their installer, but ended up not having been. In any case, at this point they scheduled a visit a short time later, and they did in fact come and move the rain sensor out from under the window more (my roof is steep enough that the window has an "umbrella" effect, so the fix was to move it to the top side of the pane). I've been good ever since. For initial install, they did a good job apart from the rain sensor issue, which took a bit too much work on my side to have fixed, but they did follow through. Hopefully that's an anomaly.
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