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Find out how daylight and fresh air can transform your space.

When it comes to making the most impact in your space, our skylight
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Sun Tunnel Installation Specialist

Transforming the Crestwood area with Daylight and Fresh Air.
  • Rigid Sun Tunnel

    The VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel was designed to provide a quick, cost-effective daylight solution for any space not requiring a view to the outside. The highly reflective, mirrored rigid tunnel efficiently brings in daylight to any hard-to-reach application. The rigid tunnel passes through existing home framing members, making it quick and easy to install and fill any area of your home with daylight.
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  • Flexible Sun Tunnel

    VELUX flexible tunnels are extremely quick and easy to maneuver around and through narrow obstructions. Installation is designed to be suitable even for the DIY installer. Flexible tunnels help increase light diffusion and are ideal for shorter tunnel runs.
    Sun Tunnel Product Image

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